The Big Challenge: The Sheffield Telegraph Series Continues - 8 June 2017

'The Big Challenge' is a series of environmentally focused articles written in the Sheffield Telegraph by leading members of the environmental communnity from the city. These contributors have a variety of background with our own Rob Unwin authoring an article about looking at the issue of climate change with a new perspective. 

The month of May's contribution to the series highlights the role that clothing and other manufactured goods play in the production of emmissions. Written by Jess Dawson of the voluntary community organisation 'Common Thread', the article explores how upcycling your old products into new ones is not just good for your pocket, but also for your carbon footprint. The example used to explain this - a pair of trainers - provides a surprising notion as to how making little changes to your purchasing habits such as buying local, purchasing second hand and upcycling can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. 

At this time events such as 'Kilo Vintage Sales' are taking off and have become very popular, especially with younger audiences. Choosing to purchase from one of these events not only aids doing your bit to fight against waste sent to landfill and keep your carbon footprint low, but you can also get a bargain and find that piece that you've been missing from your wardrobe! 

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