Sheffield's Green Commitment - Sheffield Green Commission's Final Report - 1 June 2017

Sheffield's Green Commitment is available here: 

This article is a short review of Sheffield Green Commission final report that was published in March 2017, looking back at the progress the Commission has made and how it proposes Sheffield continues to move forward as a green city.

As a reminder, the Green Commission was developed using minds from a range of backgrounds within the city including councellors, academics, businesses and voluntary groups. The report they produced set out a series of intentions about how Sheffield could be made more sustainable through actions committed by large and small-scale actors. The focus of the report included transport, energy production and consumption and its green spaces and explored what could be done to ensure that the environment is at the forefront of Sheffield's future developments.

The publication of Sheffield's Green Commitment earlier this year shows that climate change is still being thought of, but the report falls short by failing to clearly promote the progress that has been made in the city since the Green Commission was assembled. It more closely resembles another action plan without clearly informing Sheffield's public about the progress made. The report states that "Sheffield's C02 emissions per capita were 5.45 in 2014", but it does not say what level we have achieved through the implementation of the Green Commission's suggested developments, despite stating they are in compliance with European Standards. This may seem minor but showing the people of Sheffield what their efforts at being sustainable have achieved is important to encourage continued action.

The report does have some positive elements; in some sections it clearly outlines the statistics achieved by its projects and proposed investment details with projected completion included, which made for positive reading. However other sections appear a little vague in the sense that it is hard for the reader to understand what stage projects may be at or if they have been started yet.

Overall, the report signifies that climate change and the environment are still being monitored and continued development towards a sustainable city is being worked towards. The fact that the report ends with a 'next steps' section and suggests an action plan will be developed by December 2017 makes for optimistic reading.

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What should the green commission be focusing on?

  • Green Energy
  • Cleaner Transport
  • Better Building Insulation
  • Sustainable Buildings/Infrastructure
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