Getting Involved in Community Action - 3 June 2017

Getting involved with environmentally focused community-based action may not be as hard as you think it is. Here in Sheffield there are many groups, organisations and initiatives that are centred around the environment and ensuring Sheffield continues to develop as a green city. 

Sheffield Climate Alliance is a collective of individuals and organisations who campaigns for fair and effective action on climate change. You can find out more about their work via the web link and how to become part of the alliance via the 'get involved' tab.

Sheffield Renewables  is a community and social enterprise aimed at delivering renewable energy production to local centres such as Paces Campus and Attercliffe Police Station. You can find out how to volunteer or simply invest in their 'Community Share Offers' and help fund the development of small-scale renewable energy projects in the Sheffield region.

Green City Action is an environmental charity based in Burngreave. Their main projects have focused on engaging and teaching school children, as well as adults, how to grow your own vegetables in their community allotment. The charity has also worked with Fir Vale Food Bank to help those in need by teaching them how to grow at home or at a shared allotment and engage individuals with the community. Take a look at their website to see how you could help make a difference in the community while also learning some useful skills.


For a comprehensive list of environmental groups in Sheffield, Please check out our 'Get Involved' section.

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  • Green Energy
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