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Business - Potential carbon saving of 310,000 tonnes by 2020

Sheffield EcoBusiness Programme was launched in 2009 to provide support for businesses wanting to improve their environmental performance. It has recruited 10 Sheffield based environmental experts to provide experience and knowledge to become more environmentally efficient.

Buy4Sheffield is a web based knowledge facility for Sheffield businesses to improve interaction and support between them. At present, over 2000 local companies have signed up to the initiative. More information is available at:

The Council has taken a lead role in the development of EcoStars to promote clean and efficient vehicle management. Over 4000 trucks, vans and buses have now been put through the scheme, including Sainsburys, Next, Stagecoach, First Bus and the councl's own transport fleet. It is a free, voluntary scheme designed to provide recognition, guidance and advice to operators of transport vehicles across South Yorkshire. Could your business benefit?

Salary Sacrifice Scheme & Car Club 

Work on a salary sacrifice scheme is underway and it is looking to give employees the chance to get a tax free bike or bus tickets through their salary. More and more employers are signing up to the benefits of the Sheffield car club, not only reducing costs but improving congestion.

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