Update on Sheffield Council's Progress - Dec 09

Carbon Reduction Targets – Where Are We Now?

  • Between 2005-2007, Sheffield reduced its Carbon emissions by 5%, well on the way to the target of 10% set for 2010.
  • Sheffield’s carbon emissions fell by 129,000 tonnes from 3,572,000 tonnes to 3,443,000 tonnes.
  • Over the same period, carbon emissions per Sheffielder reduced by 300kg from 6.8 tonnes per head to 6.5 tonnes. This is despite a small increase in the population

However, despite the success of a decrease, it should be noted that carbon emissions, as a product of activity, are as likely to go up or down over time, dependent on the sources of energy used.

Whilst there were have been consistent reductions in emissions from industry and commerce and domestic consumption, emissions from transport are estimated to have increased slightly from 2006 – 2007

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