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Transport accounts for around 25% of the city's carbon dioxide emissions so tackling this is vital to reducing Sheffield's carbon footprint

What is the city council doing to reduce the carbon impact of transport?

Sheffield has put a bid in for electric charging points via the UK Govbernment's Plugged in Places project - read more here

Walking across Sheffield has increased by 17% between 2001 and 2008. Sheffield city council want to see this number increasing every year and are actively encouraging walking by reducing traffic speeds, increasing pedestrian crossings, walking routes included in new residential developments and the promotion of a number of walking groups. Walk and cycle more

Over 80,000 employees (36% of Sheffield’s working population) are covered by a Workplace Travel Plan. These include initiatives such as car clubs, lift-sharing, salary sacrifice schemes, bike doctor, cycle storage, reduced car parking, cycle training, electric bike trials and changing facilities. Promotion of sustainable travel is showing good results with single occupancy vehicles have dropped 5% (1500 fewer vehicles), car sharing up 3% and walking up 3% in last 3 years. Walk and cycle more

Cycling has increased by 53% between in last 8 years, and schools are doing their bit too. Over 85% of schools have an adopted travel plan, and we are on target for all schools to have a travel plan by March 2010. Children travelling public transport, cycling or walking is on the increase with 74.1% in 2009 travelling via these modes. School related travel

Initiatives are ongoing to increase these numbers. Cycle training is provided free to Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils via schools. 1,500 children in 08/09 were trained and a target of 2000 has been set for 09/10. Cycle training is not only available for children. Pedal Ready has trained 225 adults in the last year. Why not cycle to town? There are 421 cycle parking stands available. Sheffield Station are soon to create a cycle hub via a £500,00 grant which will be fully supervised and offer a number of facilities such as cycle hire and repair.

Green Parking Scheme – Low carbon vehicles can pay a £10 yearly administration free in return for free parking for controlled parking zones within the city centre. A recent review on Resident parking zones is now offering free permits for cars with engines less than or equal to 1000cc. Find out more

The Inner Relief Road completed in November 2007 has reduced the congestion within the City Centre. It has also supported sustainable transport by constructing 4,625m of cycle lane, 680m pedestrian path and 11 toucan crossings.

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