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Waste Management

Sheffield household are saving up to 60,000 tonnes of CO2 through our waste management. view of the energy from waste plantSustainability is on the increase through recycling (currently at 25% in Sheffield and will set to increase with the launch of the new kerbside scheme ) and landfill diversion (with only 14% of Sheffield’s waste going to landfill). 

The Energy Recovery Facility at Bernard Road burns refuse that fuels the District Heating Network that provides heat to over 140 city centre buildings, saving an estimated 20,000 tonnes of carbon compared to gas fired heating of these buildings. It also generates electricity which is then supplied to the National Grid. Through burning waste, the energy is recovered from materials and is in turn used to provide heat and power.

Kerbside Recycling

A new kerbside recycling service will be available from 2010 onwards to all households in Sheffield for materials including paper, card, glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans. The new recycling service will provide a kerbside collection of paper, card, glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans. Residents will keep their existing blue bin and use it for glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans. A new box will be delivered to households for the collection of paper and card. The bin and box will be emptied every two weeks.

Green Waste

A new City-wide garden waste collection service using reusable bags, collected every four weeks. The new scheme will use reusable hessian sacks which will be collected every 4 weeks. Three sacks and a collection calendar will be delivered to households when the scheme starts.

For more details view Sheffield City Council's Waste website pages 

Plans have been drafted for production of renewable energy from Biogas in the city with a number of potential anaerobic digester sites identified.

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