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sheffield's carbon footprint

  Sheffield City Council's Carbon Reduction Framework says:

 "We want Sheffield to be a city that future generations can enjoy in the same way that we enjoy living here now.  To do this we need to take steps to reduce the impact of climate change on Sheffield - one of our most important goals is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in Sheffield" 

Our vision is that: “by 2020 we want Sheffield to be renowned as a thriving, low carbon city where residents and businesses can and will take actions to reduce their own carbon emissions and are involved in combating harmful climate change in the city and beyond”.

Download Sheffield City Council's Carbon Reduction Framework in Word format

Sheffield City Council has direct or indirect control over activities in the city that produce carbon emissions. It has a responsibility to ensure that carbon emissions are reduced and that the unwanted impacts of a changing climate - like flooding, draught and storms, are minimised.

Also, the city council is keen to work to support individuals, households, schools, organisations and businesses to allow them to do their bit to tackle climate change.

The city council has an important role in leading by example by tackling climate change and its impacts, so that others can follow suit. 

Update on Sheffield Council's Progress - Dec 09

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