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Spetember 2010: Sheffield’s Natural Gas Vehicles event

On Tuesday 21st September, fleet managers and interested parties joined us at Sheffield Town Hall Sheffield to find out about what the Council is doing to reduce its vehicle emissions and why it chose to trial gas vans on biomethane. The official launch of Veolia's dedicated gas powered refuse collection vehicles also provided an opportunity for guests to test drive a selection of eco-friendly gas-powered vans, speak to the team and find out more about running and refuelling gas powered vehicles.

gas vehicles launch photo

gas vehicles launch photo2


May 2010: Sheffield's Gas Vehicle Trial makes international news

Several international organisations have picked up the story that Sheffield is running a trial of gas vehicles. Details of the trial have featured in NGV Global News, the newsletter of the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles, and also in Fleets & Fuels, a biweekly business intelligence newsletter.


April 20th 2010: The Econic Refuse truck fills up!  

The Mereceds Econic powered by compressed gas is being trialed by Leeds City Council as their first alternatively powered refuse collection vehicle. The Economic filled up a whopping 95 kilograms of biomethane at the Staniforth Rd station in Sheffield as it made its way down to the Mercedes Eco Day in Doncaster on April 20th 2010.

Econic gas powered truck refuels in Sheffield gas vehicle station


April 16th 2010: Sheffield Council's first gas-powered van fills up 

Our first customer, Ogo Osammor, from Sheffield's Air Quality team fills up his gas-powered van.

Ogo Osammor is first to fill up his new Gas Vehicle


Sheffield City Council Takes Delivery of Trial Gas Vehicles 

Sheffield City Council is leading the way for low carbon transport in the city by trialing gas-powered vehicles in their own fleet. The project has the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing Sheffield’s carbon footprint. 

This initial six month project aims to find out how practical it is to operate low carbon, low emission biomethane fuelled vehicles within the Sheffield City Council fleet as an alternative to petrol and diesel.

Sheffield City Council begins Gas Vehicle trial

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