About the Gas Vehicle Trial

This initial six month project aims to find out how practical it is to operate low carbon, low emission biomethane fuelled vehicles within the Sheffield City Council fleet as an alternative to petrol and diesel. Biomethane gas is a renewable and clean vehicle fuel produced from the decomposition of organic waste.

Over the trial period, Sheffield City Council will assess the environmental benefits in terms of reduced carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM10) against existing vehicles running on diesel. After the trial six-month period, a project evaluation will take place to assess the environmental benefits, performance, reliability and cost saving achieved as a result of operating these vehicles.

Sarah Rani, Project Manager at Sheffield City Council, said: “The project provides Sheffield with a real opportunity to reducing its carbon emissions from transport and help tackle climate change through the use of biomethane as a renewable vehicle fuel.

“A temporary biomethane refuelling station has been installed at Sheffield’s Staniforth Rd transport depot, and we have replaced some of the councils existing vehicle fleet with gas vehicles. Availability of these vehciles and necessary refuelling infrastructure in the UK is poor and so the take up is low.

"By using biomethane as a vehicle fuel in our own fleet we aim to demonstrate that this is a sound commercial option for most vehicle operators in the city and encourage them to do the same”.

The project is being run in partnership with Chesterfield Biogas, Volkswagen and Mercedes, and is jointly funded by the Area Based Grant and the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Grant Programme.

Throughout the trial project, you can track performance of the vehicles and visit the driver blogs to hear from the drivers themselves!

 You can find out more about the project by looking at the frequently asked questions.


Launch of the gas-powered vehicles trial

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