Sheffield City Council

The council runs a number of schemes to help reduce the city's environmental impact

Sheffield City Council - tackling climate change

Sheffield City Council is working hard to reduce emissions of CO2 and to prepare and adapt to a changing climate.


Care4Air - tackling air pollution

Air pollution and carbon emissions are pretty much from the same sources in urban areas. In Sheffield, traffic is the source of the majority of air pollution and around 25% of carbon dioxide


Sheffield's changing climate

Across the planet the climate is changing due to the trillions of tonnes of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere by man - but what does this mean for Sheffield?


Gas-powered vehicles trial

Sheffield City Council is leading the way for low carbon transport in the city by trialing ten gas powered vehicles in their own fleet. The project has the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing Sheffield’s carbon footprint.


Switch Off and Save!

Don’t Standby - Let’s Do Our Bit for Sheffield! Join our campaign running throughout March 2011.


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What should the green commission be focusing on?

  • Green Energy
  • Cleaner Transport
  • Better Building Insulation
  • Sustainable Buildings/Infrastructure
  • Climate Change Adaption
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