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Moja Island

Moja Island is a discussion based activity, which can reinforce student's understanding of renewable energy sources. As students consider the energy sources available to the diverse communities inhabiting the Island of Moja, they must work together to decide on the most appropriate technology.

Fragile Earth

A collection of photographs of our changing planet, showing both the effects of natural phenomena and human induced causes, as well as computer modelled images of the future. 

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

A true story, suitable for all ages, of the inspiring work of William Kamkwamba from Malawi, who had the vision of bringing electricity to his village and began by building a windmill through scrap material to generate power. A powerful story on one person's ability to deliver change and development. William has also delivered a TEDTalk on his experience.

One Planet City: Photo Essays

Ten photo essays in response to each of the ten principles of One Planet Living; a sustainability framework created by Bioregional and adopted by the city of Brighton & Hove, accredited as the world’s first One Planet City in 2011.


Reynaldo, hailed as the Rainforest Hero of Peru, describes in this short documentary film, his motivations behind living sustainably, his approach to agroforestry and caring for the rainforest and how he is helping others live sustainably too. His work is supported by the Crees Foundation - supporting a sustainable Amazon.

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