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Sheffield Renewables was formed by a group of local volunteers in late 2007, harnessing their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to create an energetic and committed social enterprise. They develop and operate renewable energy schemes in and around Sheffield that use hydro power, wind, biomass and solar power.

Sheffield Renewables are committed to improving environmental sustainability in order to make a positive difference to both our city and its people. Their work to expand the supply of low carbon renewable energy is a crucial step in addressing the issue of climate change and depleting oil reserves.

The scheme is a key contributor to city-wide efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing local renewable energy provision - driving Sheffield towards a low carbon future.

Sheffield Renewables recently announced the launch of their share offer, which aims to raise £250,000 to put in place the final funding needed to build the hydro electric scheme at Jordan Dam, on the Lower Don. The build will commence in mid 2013 with planning permission and an abstraction licence secured.

For more information, visit the Sheffield Renewables website or email


jordan dam

Jordan Dam - site of the new hydro-electricity generation scheme

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