Sheffield Environment Weeks


Sheffield Environment Weeks started as a day event in 1984. It was a national event sponsored by BT and run by the Civic Trust. Voluntary groups could apply for grant funding to put on events. Sheffield regularly obtained funding and put on a programme of events.

The national event ceased to be but Sheffield's continued to run, and it expanded to a week of events. The voluntary sector still ran and organised it up to about 1993, when it started to struggle. Sheffield City Council offered more support and took on the role of secretariat.

When the week of events became very crowded it was expanded to 2 weeks. But instead of groups spreading out events, more were put on. It went to a month long event in 2002.

2009 was the 25th Anniversary event and it was a great success. Around 78 groups put on 225 events over the specially extended 6 week period.

Sheffield Environment Weeks continues to be run by a committee of volunteers with support from Sheffield City Council's Community Services Department.

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