OPAL Project Climate Surveys

The OPAL climate survey consists of four simple activities. By taking part you'll be helping investigate how our activities affect the climate, and the ways in which climate may affect us.

 Activity 1 - contrails in the sky

By looking for contrails in the sky and reporting your results online, you'll help scientists test the accuracy of existing computer models that tell us where contrails should be. Contrails are the tracks that planes leave behind when they fly. They are formed when water vapour from the plane's exhaust condenses in the cold air and forms ice crystals. This line of ice crystals is called a contrail. Contrails are important because they may be contributing to the warming of our climate. Just like high clouds, they prevent some infrared radiation leaving the earth.

Activity 2 and 3 - measuring the wind

These activities explore how wind at cloud height can be different from what we experience at ground level.In Activity 2, you'll use a mirror and compass to measure the wind direction at cloud height. In Activity 3, you'll use bubbles to calculate the wind direction and speed at our height. Your results will be used to study how obstacles in our environment, such as buildings and trees, affect the speed and direction of wind around us.

Activity 4 - how the weather affects us

Climate change is predicted to result in milder winters and hotter summers across the UK, but how will this affect us? In Activity 4, you'll answer simple questions about how hot or cold you feel and the types of clothes you are wearing.

For further information vist the OPAL website

 Your answers will help explore how sensitive we are to climate and how this may differ between people from various parts of the UK, as well as those from other countries.


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