Heeley City Farm & Local Food Sustainability

Heeley City Farm are heavily involved in promoting food sustainability by supporting and managing a number of community projects throughout Sheffield. 

Did you know?

Heeley City Farm leads on the production of locally grown organic vegetables, herbs and fruit in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

It manages four local food growing sites (Heeley City Farm, Meersbrook Park Walled Garden, Wortley Hall Walled Garden and Firth Park Community Allotment) and supports other community gardens throughout the city and the surrounding areas.

As well as growing, the farm helps distribute locally grown organic vegetables, herbs and fruit  through shops, cafés, restaurants, co-ops and local Farmers Markets.

In partnership with Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Heeley City Farm runs the `Food in Sheffield' programme.

You can buy vegetable and herb plants at the farm's garden centre.

The farm has worked with the Soil Association, Garden Organic, Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, Morrison’s Let's Grow Expert Gardeners project, Blue Peter children’s TV programme  and many other partners.

Heeley City Farm employs twelve plus staff and support many volunteers dedicated to local food growing and food related activities.

For more information and to get involved with local food sustainable events, visit the Organic Kitchen Garden and Heeley City Farm websites.


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