Very PC

What company is it?

Very PC

Where are they based?

Unit 5, Parkwood Road Business Park, 75 Parkwood Road, Sheffield S3 8AL. (Map)

Contact Details?

0845 0345 017

What service do they provide?

 VeryPC® manufacture and supply high performance, energy saving computer solutions, from desktop PCs to servers and storage. The VeryPC Energy Saving Recommended ™ BroadLeaf™ desktop PC range has been life cycle engineered to provide high performance, carbon neutral computing and come with 5 year warranties as standard.

What measures have they made to reduce their carbon footprint?

  • VeryPC operate out of a BREEAM certified production facility
  • The company has reduced its average daily energy consumption by 36% despite the rapid growth of their business operations.
  • VeryPC use their own PCs in their offices and have extensive environmental & internal energy saving policies.
  • The company has gained ISO 9001 for quality and is currently working towards ISO 14001.
  • VeryPC is the only PC manufacturer in the world to be Made In Sheffield® and to source as many components as possible from other UK manufacturers. As a result the embedded and transportational carbon in our BroadLeaf products is 81% less than other PC manufacturers. The BroadLeaf PCs also boast PVC free cables, and adhere to ECMA 370 requirements for minimal halogen, BFR contents.
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