University of Sheffield

What company is it?

University of Sheffield

Where are they based?

Western Bank

Contact Details?

Phil Riley

What service do they provide?

Education and research

What measures have they made to reduce their carbon footprint?

In 2004, the University won the Green Gown Awards for Water. Working closely with Yorkshire Water, an improvement plan was developed to reduce the water consumption in main science based site, Western Bank.

The action included mapping the underground pipe network, installation of over 900 fast payback water services – urinal controls, tap regulators, self-closing taps and cistern volume reducers – and installation of sub-metering with remote monitoring facilities.

The improvement was completed in 2002, and saw a 30% drop in water consumption and costs of more than 100,000 within the first year. The investment cost around £40,000 with a simple payback within 4 months.

In 2004, the same approach was adopted by the Universities next largest water-consuming area, St. George’s Complex. There has been a 57% reduction in consumption across the two sites, with annual savings of up to £127,000.

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