South Yorkshire Housing Association

What company is it?

South Yorkshire Housing Association

Where is the site in Sheffield?

Murdock Road

Contact Details?

South Yorkshire Housing Association Enquiries - 0114 2900 200

SAFAR Enquiries - 0114 285 5244  

What service do they provide?


What measures have they made to reduce Sheffield's carbon footprint?

South Yorkshire Housing Association has worked along side Sheffield Accommodation for Alcohol Rehabilitation (SAFAR) to build a residential area in Murdock Road.

SAFAR is a voluntary charity which provides support and accommodation in an alcohol free environment for men and women over the age of 25 who have an alcohol dependency. The residential area consists of 16 bed sits in a core building with gym, medication room and staff office.

The housing benefits from solar panels and a sedum green roof. The scheme was developed in conjunction with Building Design Partnership and has achieved a very high Eco-Homes rating.

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