Sheffield Business Park

What company is it?

Sheffield Business Park

Where are they based?

Junction 33 & 34, M1

Contact Details?

Rebecca Byers

What service do they provide?

Managed office space for businesses.

What measures have they made to reduce their carbon footprint?

Sheffield Business Park has created a Travel Plan for its workers to encourage more sustainable forms of travel. With the help of the Travel Plan Coordinator, Rebecca Byers, advice is available for all employers of the park and any business planning to relocate to the park.

The Travel Plan has four main targets:

  1. developing and promoting cycling
  2. increasing the use of public transport
  3. promoting car sharing schemes
  4. making travel information easily accessible.

Sheffield Business Park have seen impressive results:

  • 20 more cyclists
  • double the number of public transport users
  • car sharing increased to 20%
  • lone car use down by 19%.
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