Pedal Ready

What company is it?

Pedal Ready

Where are they based in Sheffield?

Scotia Works, Leadmill Road

Contact details?

What service do they provide?

Pedal Ready train children, young people and adults to cycle more safely, more often. They do this with a team of Bikeability approved cycle instructors who deliver cycle coaching to schools, universities, companies, communities and individuals on a one-to-one or group basis. 

Pedal Ready also promote cycling as a sustainable, economical and enjoyable form of urban transport.

What measures have they taken to reduce Sheffield's carbon footprint

Pedal Ready has given over 5,000 school children and over 1,000 adults free cycle training. Any Sheffield resident can sign up to this - and it's free! If you, your instiution or school are interested then visit the Pedal Ready website to find out more.

Pedal Ready also provides Dr Bike, a free cycle check service available in the city centre and universities.

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