Pagets Builders Merchants

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Pagets Builders Merchants Limited

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0114 2923000

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Pagets Builders Merchants are an independent, Sheffield based company that supplies building materials to the local community of builders, self-builders, companies and general public. Through its Green Energy Centre, it also provides energy assessments and low carbon solutions, including renewables, for domestic and non-domestic buildings using local trained people.

What measures has their company made to reduce the city’s carbon footprint?

  • Helped a South Yorkshire secondary school to acquire over £100,000 of Carbon Trust funding for energy efficiency work, which will lead to 270 tonnes of CO2 saved per annum or over 9000 tonnes over the lifetime of the equipment!
  • Only use local companies to install the energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to help build up the local expertise.
  • Currently assisting schools and other non-domestic building owners in Sheffield to identify solutions and how to fund their reductions in CO2 emissions.
  • Within the company Pagets have embarked upon ISO14001 under Sheffield Council’s Eco Business scheme which has both significantly reduced their environmental impact as well as reducing carbon emissions. 
  • Incorporated bio-diesel into lorry fuel supply and company vehicle drivers have attended Energy Saving Trust fuel efficient driving lessons. This has led to a reduction of CO2 emissions per km by 15%.
  • Supplied heat pump, solar PV and solar thermal for a home in Sheffield which went on to win the Best Home Installation at the Yorks & Humberside Microgeneration awards in February 2010.
  • Installed a solar thermal unit which preheats all the domestic hot water they use. 
  • In practicing what they preach, Pagets have insulated, switched to lower power lighting and installed heater controls. They have reduced bulidings carbon emissions overall by 25% in one year. 

Pagets bungalow

The award winning bungalow that Pagets supplied heat pump, solar PV and solar thermal for

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