NHS Primary Care Trust

What company is it?

NHS Primary Care Trust

Where is the site in Sheffield?

Prince of Wales Road

Contact Details?

Ruth Granger

What service do they provide?

Medical Care and champion of better health

What measures have they made to reduce Sheffield's carbon footprint?

Sheffield NHS PCT has created a travel plan for its workers to encourage more sustainable forms of travel.

The travel plan has a number of objectives to encompass all aspects of travel and transport including:

  • reducing single-occupancy car travel
  • raising the level of public transport options to staff
  • encouraging the uptake of alternative methods of transport by staff and visitors
  • reducing unnecessary travel

New initiatives are proving successful in reducing unnecessary travel, such as increasing telephone conferences, and using a number of laptops (known as ‘toughbooks’) for community nurses to prevent numerous journeys back to base to complete work.

Sheffield NHS PCT will also be participating in the ‘bike boost’ scheme in spring.

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