Moss Valley Fine Meats

What company is it?

Moss Valley Fine Meats

Where are they based?

Povey Farm, Lightwood Lane, Norton, Sheffield S8 8BG. (Map)

Contact Details? 


What service do they provide?

Local pork, bacon, sausages, ham - anything from a pig! Collect direct from the farm or at local farmers markets.

What measures have they made to reduce their carbon footprint?

The farm has a 15kw wind turbine, a wood and straw burner to heat three houses and a bore hole to water the pigs.

The food we eat is now produced on a global and industrial scale. The distances it travels from farm to plate can be huge with an equivalent large amount of carbon dioxide emitted along its lifecycle. Buying local meat can dramatically cut CO2. Pork is also a better option than beef becuase cattle emit methane from their burping, and methane is 21 times worse that carbon dioxide for affecting climate change.

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