What company is it?


Contact Details?

Where are they based?

Meadowhall Centre

What service do they provide?

Shopping centre

What measures have they company made to reduce the city’s carbon footprint?

Meadowhall has many initiatives working to reduce the impact of its business.

This includes:

  • Promoting public transport, including discount tickets for staff
  • Tele/videoconferencing
  • Car sharing
  • Cycle and electric vehicle security patrols
  • Waste recycling plant                 
  • Biodiversity Action Plan
  • Renewable electricity
  • Rainwater harvesting and borehole
  • Travel Plan
  • Fuel own vehicles from Biodiesel created from own waste
  • 16% reduction in waste from 06/07 to 07/08
  • All waste is recycled
    • 63% of waste goes to the Waste to Energy plant, which heats Sheffield’s small businesses
    • 37% of waste is sorted and segregated in the resource recovery centre
  • Partnership with the Highways Agency and other transport bodies to coordinate efficient travel
  • Free electric car charging point
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