Advice on reducing carbon when traveling around Sheffield

woman cyclingOur travel and transport choices have a big impact on the environment. However, there are some simple (and not so simple) things that you can do to save money and reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to your travel.

For all your low carbon transport needs visit the updated Travel South Yorkshire website. It contains information on public transport together with walking, cycling and car sharing  visit


Walk and cycle more

We are all pretty familiar with the messages about fitting a bit more physical activity into our lives. Cycling and walking get us fit and make us feel better. You don’t have to put on hiking boots and walk the Peak District or be the next Lance Armstrong to get the benefits.

Drive in a fuel-efficient way

It is difficult for many of us to avoid using our cars, but it is possible to drive in a more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Use your car less for the school run

The section below provides help and advice around getting your children to and from school without using your car. Better for your children’s health, saving you money and doing your bit to reduce congestion, pollution and climate change.

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What should the green commission be focusing on?

  • Green Energy
  • Cleaner Transport
  • Better Building Insulation
  • Sustainable Buildings/Infrastructure
  • Climate Change Adaption
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