Change your lifestyle in easy ways and reduce carbon

Grow your ownThe pace of life these days can be frantic, and we all like to indulge ourselves now and again. But leisure and lifestyle choices don't have to come with a high price tag or cost the earth.

Exercise Outdoors Rather than in the Gym

Exercising regularly doesn’t always mean joining a gym or buying fancy equipment. Many people join gyms at a large expense only to have stopped going but continuing to pay.

Buy food in season

Food and the carbon emissions it causes can be a tricky subject. But one thing is clear if you buy food in season it can save you money at the checkout, reduce your carbon emissions and help support local farmers and growers.

Go easy on meat consumption

We’re not saying you should become a vegetarian, just try giving up meat one day per week. Replacing half of your beef with pulses, grains and nuts means you get the protein you need but knock off more than 300kg of carbon dioxide.

Compost my kitchen and garden waste

Almost two thirds of the food thrown away in Sheffield could have been composted. By composting for just one year you can save the equivalent to all the CO2 produced by your kettle in a year!

Grow my own fruit and veg

The era of cheap food is coming to an end. The mass production, storage and transport of our food contributes to 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gases. Both of these are good reasons to start growing your own.

Think before throwing away - reuse recycle

We are consuming far too much stuff. We are also throwing away too much stuff. Here's how to lessen consumption and minimise waste

Recycle my Christmas Tree

NEW! details of how you can recycle your Christmas tree in 2014

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