Advice on using less energy in your home

ThermostatThe energy we use to light, heat and cook with in our homes is becoming increasingly expensive and is also about the biggest source of our personal carbon emissions. Reducing our energy use is not about putting solar panels on our house or putting a wind turbine in our garden – in fact these should probably be the last option. We need to insulate and stop wasting money and energy first and foremost.

Switch to energy saving light bulbs

If you fit an energy saving light bulb in a room where it is on for around 4 hours per day it will pay for itself in a year.

Turn down your central heating

Did you know you can save yourself over £50 per year just by turning your central heating down by 1°C?

Hire a free energy Smart Meter

As well as borrowing books from your local library, you can also borrow a Smart Meter to see how much electricity your home is using. These are available to borrow for free from all Sheffield libraries.

Dry your clothes outside

Did you know you can save yourself over £75 per year just by hanging your clothes outside instead of tumble drying?

Switch off standby

Don't standby. An electrical appliance left on standby isn't really off because standby mode can use up to 90% of the normal power.

Increase the insulation in your walls and loft

As much as 33% of all the heat produced in your home is lost through un-insulated walls. Up to 25% could be escaping through un-insulated lofts. On average you could be wasting £340 a year on your fuel costs.

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What should the green commission be focusing on?

  • Green Energy
  • Cleaner Transport
  • Better Building Insulation
  • Sustainable Buildings/Infrastructure
  • Climate Change Adaption
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