Ethical Trading

Why should a school consider ethical purchasing?

The purpose of this article is to support and encourage schools to adopt a consistent and ethical approach to its purchasing and consumerism practices. The Government has produced documents and standards available from the Department of Education and a series of procurement standards from DEFRA that seek to assist schools in budgeting and addressing environmental sustainability issues.

Teaching about ethical purchasing

The rules of international trade favour the rich countries of the 'North' over the poorer countries of the 'South' .

Ethical Purchasing Resources and Websites to Support Schools

Awards can be used by a school for auditing purposes, to provide a framework for curriculum development or to enable a school to work to-wards and be recognised for gaining specific achievements. These awards can support global citizenship, sustainability, trade and school partnership links.

Forced labour, ethical trading and supply chains

'Forced' labour has largely been associated with questions of modern slavery elsewhere in the world, for example children picking cotton in Uzbekistan, women in clothing sweatshops in Bangladesh, and workers in bonded labour in Indian brickyards. The issue sometimes surfaces when major companies such as GAP (clothing) and NIKE (shoes) are identified as using slave labour to produce goods appearing on our High Streets.

Horsemeat isn't shops' only unsavoury secret

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, Gary Craig says the horsemeat should provide food for thought for everyone (including vegetarians).

Since news of the horsemeat scandal first broke a few weeks ago, there is no doubt that vegetarians in the region were smirking. The one feature which all dimensions of this scandal shared was that they involved the production, processing and consumption of meat products, whether beef, horse, pig or chicken.

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