About Sheffield Is My Planet

Sheffield Is My Planet is a city-wide communications campaign that is supported by Sheffield City Council, Development Education Centre (South Yorkshire) and Action for Involvement. We are working together so that Sheffield’s public, private and voluntary, community and faith sectors can join forces to tackle the huge task needed to bring about the dramatic cuts in carbon emissions.

The world now recognises these cuts in carbon and greenhouse gases must be made in order to preserve our species. It’s as simple as that, if we don’t seriously cut back on emitting our current rate of carbon and other greenhouse gases we won’t survive. Top priority for the campaign is to help you take action. We will give you the relevant local information to support you and also what others are doing and what is happening in your area and across the city, and how you can get involved or simply just do your own thing.

Our aim is to make Sheffield a "climate friendly" place to live, work and do business in. It’s a huge job, but together we can do it. Everyone has a role to play, from school children to business leaders, from local actions to international agreements.

If you want to know more please email us info@sheffieldismyplanet.co.uk-

What does Sheffield is my planet do?

Sheffield Is My Planet is your local resource for all things climate change in the city.  Sheffield Is My Planet is also a place where you help to do your bit. Make a carbon promise and Sheffield is My Planet will help you stick to it and support you to turn your promise into real carbon reduction activity. Schools can join a growing number of Sheffield Eco-Schools. Green businesses and social enterprises can publicise themselves.

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Why should I make a promise?

We know people are familiar with the phrase climate change, but lots of people are unsure about just what to do about it. Our list of promises are a great starting point for those wanting to take some simple action to contribute to tackling climate change whilst saving money at the same time.

We want to create a community of Sheffield people, businesses and organisations that will commit to doing something to tackle climate change.

What advice is there to help me fulfil my promise?

Our aim is that we can give you advice and support to help you keep your promise and support you to turn your promise into a real carbon saving. If you have made your promise or just want to find out more Sheffield specific information about climate, you are in the right place.

Go to the advice pages to see what help is available on our initial themes of Travel, Home Energy and Lifestyle. We will be working in partnership across our beautiful city to make Sheffield a “climate friendly” place to live, work and do business in.


Development Education Centre (South Yorkshire): DECSY, works with teachers and many others involved in education to promote a global perspective in the curriculum.

Using active learning methods based on enquiry into issues and ideas, DECSY aims to help and inspire people to develop the skills and commitment to work together to bring about a more just and sustainable world.


Action for Involvement is a Sheffield-based think tank creates space to bring people in our communities, high level policy makers and key stakeholders together at events to explore a critical question on a topical social issue that affects all of us to tackle issues affecting our public services. For participants keen to take up concerns raised at our events, we can facilitate an event follow-up meeting to take crucial issues forward. We encourage everyone to join follow-up events or activities and network with other participants.


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What should the green commission be focusing on?

  • Green Energy
  • Cleaner Transport
  • Better Building Insulation
  • Sustainable Buildings/Infrastructure
  • Climate Change Adaption
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